Professional Learning Opportunities
We are pleased to provide a variety of professional learning opportunities. If you do not find an option that particularly suits your needs, please reach out to us.

Live Online Training

Resource Kit and Training Bundle:

Tools for Life presents live, online training bundled with a Tools for Life Resource Kit. The online training is powered by Zoom technology. The Bundle includes one Tools for Life Resource Kit of your choosing, an extensive Training Handout, sent by email prior to training, and for Early Years (ages 2½ to 4) the training consists of one 2-hour live, online training session. For School Age, including Kindergarten, the training consists of two 2-hour live, online training sessions. All online training is presented by Tools for Life Lead Trainers. This online training will allow participants to implement Tools for Life and provide them with an understanding of how to integrate social emotional learning into their everyday practice. The training is activity based.

Bundled training for Early Years, per person – $500.00
Bundled training for School Age, per person – $600.00

Additional Staff

Additional staff may join either of the online Bundled training sessions noted above at a cost of $150.00 per person for Early Years, and $200.00 per person for School Age. The added staff will not receive a Resource Kit, but will be allowed to actively participate in the training session, and they will receive a lanyard with Tools Cards and a PDF version of the Training Handout which will be emailed prior to training.

Additional Staff – Early Years  $150.00 per person
Additional Staff – School Age  $200.00 per person

Minimum of 10 participants.

Online Booster Sessions

Tools for Life is pleased to offer live, online mentoring sessions and booster workshops to further support Tools for Life users in their on-going application of Tools for Life as a social emotional learning solution. These sessions will be facilitated by Tools for Life Lead Trainers and other subject matter experts. The sessions will be activity based and will be supported with a Training Handout, to be emailed prior to the session.

These booster sessions offer additional professional support for those program staff who have not been able to implement the Tools for Life Resource with fidelity. In other instances, some staff may be new to Tools for Life since the initial training; or, there may be a group of educators who require support that focuses on children with particular needs or challenges, and these program staff are seeking supplemental guidance and coaching. 

Topics may include:

  • how to integrate Tools for Life in your classroom curriculum;
  • how to promote Parent Engagement;
  • African-American and indigenous story-telling;
  • integrating Tools for Life into STEM;
  • integrating art and music, etc.

Cost for one session is  $250.00 per person. Minimum of 10 participants.

Please complete the contact form to request further information and discuss your needs.

In-Person Training


Please Note: At the present time, Tools for Life is not offering in-person training due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Safe travel and personal health and security of both our Lead Trainers and training participants are primary concerns. Tools for Life will offer the following options for in-person training once COVID-19 is no longer a public health risk.

One-day Interactive Workshop

The One-day Interactive Workshop, for front-line staff, will establish a professional learning community of practice that supports educators and program staff in the school, child care centre, or agency. Participants will acquire hands-on experience using Tools for Life resources appropriate for their grade level.

  • Participants will begin to identify how the practice of certain Strategies by young children will allow them to manage stress and begin to build self-esteem, empathy and healthy relationships.
  • They will also learn how children can begin to self-regulate, communicate respectfully, and problem solve appropriately and confidently through practice and the use of certain Tools.
  • Cost for the one-day Workshop is $375.00 per person. A Training Handout will be provided by email prior to the workshop. If participants wish, a Tools for Life Resource Kit is extra (at $375.00 per Kit, per person).
  • Trainers’ reasonable travel costs, shipping and handling costs, and applicable taxes are extra. Minimum of 10 participants.

Three-day Certification Workshop

  • The Three-day Certification  Workshop offers hands-on, activity-based professional development that will allow administrators, senior educators, program specialists and training staff to positively change the climate in their District, school or centre. 
  • Participants will learn how to mentor staff in how to effectively embed Social Emotional Learning into their curriculum and current daily practice. They will understand how children during  everyday activities can begin to self-regulate, communicate more respectfully, build healthy relationships, build resilience and self-esteem, and problem-solve confidently, in a safe environment founded on inclusivity and equity for all children.
  • The cost of the Three-day Certification Workshop is $1,500.00 per person, which includes the cost of one Tools for Life Resource Kit selected by the participant.
  • Each participant will receive an extensive Training Handout, sent by email, and a Certificate of successful completion, presented at the end of the third day. Training will occur at the client’s premises on consecutive days.
  • Trainers’ reasonable travel expenses, shipping and handling charges, and applicable taxes, are extra. Minimum of 10 participants.

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