The My Feelings Children’s Book Series

All Feelings are OK. There are no right or wrong feelings. But children need to learn how to express them in appropriate ways that will not harm others or themselves. The new My Feelings Children’s Book Series will help very young children (ages 2 to 6) to identify and manage their feelings and the feelings of others.

At Tools for Life, we know that children develop this knowledge most effectively through close contact with a trusted and calm person. This Book Series offers parents and educators a resource to help children acquire the emotional literacy that will last a lifetime.

Each book in the Series is focused on one feeling and centred on three key learning concepts:

1. When do children have this feeling? Introduce them to the experiences or situations that cause them to feel the way they do.

2. How do their bodies react? The body provides clues for each feeling.

3. How can they manage their feelings? Give them strategies to calm down, and cope with their feelings.

Making it Real

Guidance for children, parents and educators

This Book Series supports parents as they help children deal with their feelings. It also reinforces the importance of social emotional learning and provides strategies for children on how to cope with their feelings on their own.

Enhanced learning with music

About the Authors

Jan Blaxall and Janet Foster are two life-long Early Childhood Educators based in London Ontario, who are committed to promoting emotional and social development as the foundation of well-being, relationships and learning. For the past two decades, they have researched and taught the milestones and challenges of social and emotional development and the importance of relationship-based approaches that build the security, self and other awareness, and social skills that are key developmental tasks in the first 5 years of life.

Digital Versions available now.

Print Book Series available September, 2022.

Be sure to visit our online store to purchase.


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