Storytelling and Tools for Life are a winning combination.

Storytelling and Tools for Life are a natural fit. What better way to illustrate social emotional learning than by the sharing of stories? Folktales, poetry, songs, and chants are all part of the storytelling world.

The passion of a poem, the joy of singing  a song, the breathtaking adventure of a fairy tale are all wonderful experiences for both the teller and the listeners. There is a community atmosphere that is created by the give and take between all involved. 

The four little words, “Once upon a time”, always transport the listener and teller into another realm. Unbelievable worlds, quirky characters, and talking animals all become possibilities when followed by these four words. The storyteller can guide the listener through many difficult situations. Take for instance the tale of Cinderella. In this story there’s the death of a parent, the step sisters bullying behavior, along with the rejection by their mother. Whether she knew it or not, Cinderella did utilize Tools for Life.  How? Well she did ask for help from her fairy godmother and then took a chance with the prince.

Think about the fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. If the boy had just apologized to the villagers after the second time crying wolf, he would not have met such a dire end. He could have then asked for help with his problem with lying. They could have talked everything out and they all could have lived happily ever after. Stories connect us to each other. They teach life lessons on relating to the world around us.

Of course, storytelling also promotes literacy. Listening, writing, and speaking skills all play a part. Critical thinking, sequencing, recall, and analyzing are utilized. But best of all, creativity and imagination make storytelling the best activity ever. 

Storytelling and Tools for Life are a winning combination.

Jocelyn and Bob Dabney
International Storytellers,  
Youngstown OH


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