Tools on Lanyard

For Kindergarten to Grade 8. Set of 9 Cards, 3 x 3. The green lanyard, with the set of Tools cards attached, is often carried by all educators, staff, lunch personnel, custodians, office staff and bus drivers. The cards depict a graphical reminder of the 8 Tools that provide options for children when problem solving. Also attached is a card with a traffic light representing a thinking process for children as they begin to problem solve. Each Tool (e.g., Ignore) has an image to help remind students of the Tool – in this case headphones. Invite students to discuss issues that have occurred at lunch, on the bus, during a recess break, and then discuss them with each other. Flip through your Tools cards and talk about the Tool that might best help solve the problem or what other Tool(s) might work better in that situation.


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