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For families at home. Tools for Life HomeSTART is a comprehensive program packaged in a kit and recommended for children ages 3 to 9. It is designed for adults and children to use together at home. It’s fun and easy, even for little children, but very effective; it’s based on the same powerful strategies for managing conflict and building positive relationships and resilience that have made Tools for Life so successful in classrooms in Canada and the United States. And how does it work? During the 6-Step program, both children and families first practice being good listeners. Then they learn all about using positive language that everyone understands and appreciates. Children begin to recognize and name their own feelings, which leads in turn to understanding the feelings of others. Finally, as children learn to apply certain Strategies, they begin to self-regulate, stay calm and controlled, use some simple decision-making Tools, and choose the best reaction to all kinds of situations, armed with exactly what they need, a happy, healthy sense of confidence and self-esteem.


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HomeSTART Guidebook
16 Feelings Beach Ball
16 Feelings Wheel
Kindergarten Posters
16 Feelings Bingo Game
8 Tools on Lanyard
Tools Door Hanger
Tools Bookmark
Tools for Life Stress Ball