HomeSTART Parenting Workshop Kit

Family Engagement Workshop suitable for facilitation with up to 20 families. Appropriate for children between the ages of 3 and 9. Families are great allies in the development of social emotional skills. This workshop is designed for use by 1 Facilitator and up to 20 children's families over a series of sessions. The Facilitator may be an educator, an educational assistant or a concerned parent. To promote family engagement and social emotional learning, Tools for Life has expanded its stand-alone at-home resource for families entitled HomeSTART, and has developed this HomeSTART Parenting Workshop Kit. The Workshop Kit contains:

For families:

  • 20 HomeSTART Guidebooks for families
  • 20 Door Hangers
  • 20 Feelings Wheels (16 Feelings)
  • 20 Sets of 8 ½ x 11 Posters (8 posters to each Set)
  • 20 Lanyards with 9 Tools cards attached to each

For the Facilitator:

  • 1 set of each resource itemized above
  • 1 USB flash drive, with PowerPoints and PDFs which can be customized to the needs of local families
  • 1 Facilitator Training Guide, to be presented over several sessions with families
When Tools for Life is practised and modelled at home as well as at the Centre or in the classroom, children acquire a sense of belonging; they build self-esteem and resilience in the face of adversity; and they are better able to problem solve calmly and confidently.


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See What's Included
20 HomeSTART Guidebooks
20 16-Feelings Wheels
20 Kindergarten Posters Sets
20 8-Tools on Lanyard
20 Tools Door Hangers
20 Tools Bookmarks
HomeStart Facilitator Flash Drive
HomeSTART Facilitator Binder