Hand Puppets

For Early Years Ages 2½ to 4. Set of 2 Hand Puppets for the Adult and 2 Hand Puppets for the Child.  For self-talk, communication development and role play. Children need opportunity after opportunity to practise new language and skills when their feelings are in check and they are in control of the scenario. They can express emotions non-verbally, engage in self-talk by using two puppets in interaction, and explore various outcomes, while distancing from an actual problem they may be experiencing. Eventually children can use the puppets to role-play problem solving strategies. The adult-sized puppets can be used by educators to demonstrate the four feelings and how they can change. Two adult puppets can “interact” to show how two individuals’ feelings can be different in the same situation or in a conflict. Adult puppets can reassure child puppets of their understanding and support as they discuss a feeling or demonstrate a new concept.


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