Early Years Resource

For Early Years Ages 2½ to 4. The resource kit comes with an extensive Early Years Educator’s Manual (275+ pages) and a variety of age-appropriate resources including puppets, a parachute, a feelings beach ball and more. Informed by the Ontario Ministry of Education research resource, How Does Learning Happen? this Early Years approach supports educators in establishing a safe and trusting, play-based learning environment in the Centre where children feel they belong as valued contributors to the community. Through practice in this trusted environment, children are able to take risks and make mistakes when coming to grips with their feelings and the feelings of others. The skills developed through Tools For Life build resilience, promote healthy relationships, and contribute to the overall social and emotional competence of our youngest learners. Promo Code: If you received a promo code for a free half-day, online training workshop, please enter the promo code during the checkout process. We will contact you to set a date for the training.


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See What's Included
Early Years Manual
Early Years Feelings Beach Ball
Early Years Feelings Faces Cards
Early Years Feelings Wheel
Early Years Tools on Lanyard
Early Years Instruction Cards
Early Years Calm Down Cards on Lanyard
Early Years Situation Photo Cards
Early Years Posters
Early Years Hand Puppets
Early Years Parachute