Early Years Resource for Ages 2 ½ to 4

Tools for Life is pleased to announce the launch of its Early Years Resource for ages 2½ to 4. The Resource comes packaged in a kit with an extensive educator’s manual and a variety of age-appropriate resources including hand puppets, a parachute, a feelings beach ball and much more.

Informed by the Ontario Ministry of Education research resource, How Does Learning Happen? this Early Years approach supports educators in establishing a safe, play-based, inquiry-led learning environment at the Centre, where children feel they belong as valued contributors to the community.

Through practice in this trusted environment, children are able to take risks and make mistakes when coming to grips with their feelings and awareness of the feelings of others. They develop self-esteem and learn about specific Strategies and Tools that provide opportunities to build healthy friendships, self-regulate, cope with frustration and adversity, and allow children to focus on their goals. They learn to listen attentively, communicate respectfully, and begin to problem solve effectively.

With increased self-awareness and confident management of their own feelings, children are better able to recognize and respect the feelings of others. These intrapersonal and interpersonal skills build resilience, promote empathy, and contribute to the overall social and emotional competence of our youngest learners. Tools for Life is easily embedded in all you are doing at your Centre or Agency, and is most effective when practised all day … every day!

Click on this link to purchase your Early Years Resource kit.


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