HomeSTART for Families
HomeSTART is a stand-alone resource for families and caregivers with children aged 3 to 9, that reinforces and extends classroom Social Emotional Learning into the home.

Everyone in the home can benefit from Tools for Life

Parents and caregivers are by far the best persons in the world to teach their children. They know their children better than anyone, and they will understand how the whole family can benefit from this unique opportunity to build positive relationships in the home. We target this program for children from age 3 to age 9, but really, the program is just as valid for everyone. With HomeSTART, children learn about certain Strategies and Tools that provide opportunities to build friendships, self-regulate, cope with frustration and adversity, and build resilience so they can focus on their goals. These are valuable lifelong skills for us all to learn. When Social Emotional Learning is introduced into the home, not only do children’s social skills and abilities to thrive at school improve, but positive, healthy relationships among family members are strengthened.

HomeSTART Resources for Families

  • During the HomeSTART 6-Step program, both children and families first practise being good listeners with each other.
  • They then learn all about using positive language that everyone understands and appreciates.
  • Children and parents or caregivers begin to recognize and name their own feelings, which leads in turn to understanding the feelings of others.
  • As children learn to apply certain Strategies, they begin to self-regulate, stay calm and controlled, using some simple decision-making Tools to resolve problems.
  • Children are then able to choose the best reaction to all kinds of situations, armed with exactly what they need, a happy, healthy sense of confidence, self-esteem and empathy.
  • Click on the specific Resource Kit below to see what’s included.

HomeSTART Kit for Families

The HomeSTART Resource Kit contains resources that families will enjoy using together at home – game cards, posters, a feelings beach ball and more – plus an easy-to-use Guidebook for parents and caregivers, all designed to reinforce the use of certain Tools for Life Strategies for building healthy relationships and specific Tools for problem solving, at home and in the community.

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For Schools, Centres and Agencies

HomeSTART Parenting Workshop Kit

The HomeSTART Parenting Workshop Kit supports parent engagement. The Resource contains an extensive array of resources sufficient to support up to 20 families at a workshop facilitated by a School, Child Care Centre or community agency. With families onside to support and model best practices with their children, a respectful and positive community of learners results.

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What advocates and caregivers are saying…

We have busy lives, with both myself and my husband working as surgeons, and five children at home. With the COVID pandemic we have the kids all home full-time and this has been wonderful but has also presented challenges. We all sat down one day and played feelings bingo and it was wonderful to see how it helped our 6 year-old use language to describe the frustrations she can experience. I was surprised that it also was useful for us as parents to help explain to the kids why we can get frustrated as adults.

Chryssa McAlister, MD, FRCSC – Parent, Waterloo ON

During PTA meetings and via letters, I encourage parents to check out the Tools for Life HomeSTART resource. Two of Galloway’s parents (a police officer and his wife) advise they use the home program with their children.  They report a marked improvement in the way their children interact with each other.

Dr. July Ealy-Harris, Counselor, Galloway Elementary School, Jackson MS

The Tools for Life HomeSTART resources for families has been far reaching in our experience, as it is an easily sustainable program due to the amount of parents per kit we can serve.

Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, Senior Administration, North Bay ON

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