I enjoy taking a teachable moment when the opportunity presents itself, as it did in a small group of grade 3 students last week. A young man was standing with his arms crossed across his chest. I asked him what it meant when someone crosses his arms in front of his body like he was. I went on to say that when people cross their arms in front of their body, it is a body clue and I was just wondering what that body clue might mean? He replied very articulately, “Well, it means one of three things, One, I am cold, Two, I am feeling misunderstood or Three, I am bored!” So I asked him if he was cold, he replied “No”, I asked him if he was feeling misunderstood, he replied, “No” so I then asked him if he was bored, which he replied, “Yes!” I told him I was kind of glad he was bored ,because I was afraid that he was angry. He said, “I don’t cross my arms when I’m mad!” So, we took a poll amongst the group to see if anyone else beside me crosses their arms when they are angry, and much to this young man’s surprise, others shared with him that they cross their arms when they are mad. With disbelief, he said to them, “You mean you are not cold, or feeling misunderstood or bored?” We responded that often we crossed our arms when we felt angry. The look of surprise and disbelief on this young man’s face was startling. He said, “I didn’t know that my friends were mad when they crossed their arms, we don’t do that in my family!” He learned an important lesson in our group last week, more important than the lesson I had planned!