“The Convention on the Rights of the Child as a whole, suggests the creation of schools which are child-friendly and in which children are encouraged to be curious, to argue, to challenge, to be creative, to explore and find out, to be listened to and to be respected.”  Check out this article  (Can you hear me? The right of young children to participate in decisions affecting them.)

Tools for Life® Relationship building Solutions provides children, teachers and families with a common language to support problem solving and develop respectful communication. This continuity in communication helps to establish a feeling of safety and predictability for all. In turn, children are free to express themselves knowing their voices will be heard and respected.
Adults can use the Tools for Life® language when communicating with each other and model respectful and peaceful ways to resolve conflict.

Are you familiar with the document entitled The Convention on the Rights of the Child and how it impacts your role as a parent or professional working with children? For more on Children’s Rights in Canada, visit http://rightsofchildren.ca.