My Favourite Tool in Tools for Life Relationship-building Solutions Tool Box!

The Problem Solving Key Chain is the greatest to facilitate on the spot teachable moments. Children’s problems don’t just happen when they are in their classroom or in the kitchen at home where the relationship centers are. They happen as you are going out the door, in the van, on your way to swimming lessons, in the school playground or hallway where those visuals are not readily available.

The Problem Solving Key Chain can hang on a mom’s purse, fit in a dad’s pocket, or hang on a teacher’s lanyard. It provides the visuals to help take a child through their problem in a step by step, systematic manner with adult support to solve their problem in a positive manner with all the good choices Tools for Life offers. So when a child comes to you and shares that they have a problem you can ask them, “Which tool did you use?” If they tell you they didn’t use a tool, then you can pull out the Problem Solving Key Chain and take them, step by step through the problem solving process, ending with deciding which tool will be the best for their current challenge.

I often wear the Problem Solving Key Chain on my lanyard with my identification and it frequently catches me by surprise when a student approaches me and asks if they can use the Key Chain. They recognize it and know it will allow them to solve their problem in a positive manner, sometimes with my help, sometimes they just want to use the visual! We have created many independent problem solvers. However, for those teachers and parents who have not dug it out of your kits, give it a try and let the children lead the way!