“The ‘Tools for Life Program’ has and continues to be a valuable program for the students at my school. To be able to instill the kinds of skills and lessons in the classroom that this program supports has become more and more important in a world where children struggle with self-regulation and emotional issues.”

Claire Renaud , Special Education Resource Teacher, St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School

What School Principals Are Saying

The following testimonials have been received from elementary school Principals using the highly successful Tools for Life school program and the Tools for Life HomeSTART Kit for families in their parent engagement programs.  Here are a just a few of their comments …

“ … an invaluable resource for our school.  Students, parents, administrators, and staff  have all benefited greatly from the program.”
“ … gives all students and staff an accessible, consistent choice of words and problem-solving tools.”
“ … we have greatly benefited now our students share a common language on how to deal with each other.”
“ … has been a wonderful alignment with the school’s efforts to create a climate and culture that is courteous, kind, fair and respectful of others.”

And this from a healthcare consultant who works with a public mental health Agency offering special students individualized programming in classrooms. The Agency Team works co-operatively with teaching staff to provide continuity of care in the treatment and education of these students. An important part of these programs is the development of personal life management skills. Individual education and treatment plans are created for each student to address his or her strengths and needs. :

“We have used the Tools for Life program in our Section 23 programs with great success. We find that many of the visual cues and techniques fit very well with our Social Skills and Emotional Regulation work with the students.
We usually start by introducing one aspect (we like to start with Listening Bodies) and help the students to understand this concept. We develop our social skills training around incorporating this strategy and spend a week or so on the topic until we are sure the class has a good understanding. From there each classroom is different as to what they introduce next. Some teachers have a set order they like to teach the strategies in, others base it on the needs of the group of students they have at the time.
We display the posters in the room and ensure that all staff in the school and the families we work with are familiar with the language so that the terminology becomes the norm for the child no matter the setting.”

Tools for Life. And Tools for Life® HomeSTART.

Relationship-building solutions for a modern world.