Tools for Life® Relationship-building Solutions are fun, highly interactive resources for use in schools, child care facilities, at home and in community agencies. Programs are available for
age 3 to Grade 8.

Tools for Life is more than just a classroom resource, it is a process and a lifestyle choice. As adults, we are choosing to engage with children in a different more relational manner. It is a relationship based on mutual respect and a desire to know each other and support each other. Tools for Life helps us recognize that children bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the classroom which helps to create the learning environment.  Tools for Life needs to be embedded in classroom curriculum –
all day, every day, whenever a teaching moment arises.

Tools for Life:

  • Builds relationship problem solving skills for children, age 3 to Grade 8
  • Progressively develops self understanding, self management, interpersonal communication and relationship problem-solving skills
  • Comprises user-friendly curriculum or manual supported by age, gender, culture and language appropriate resources
  • Aids communication between school, home and the community

What is Tools for Life ?

By helping children and youth discover how to recognize and handle their emotions and positively interact with others, Tools for Life hopes to arm them with the skills they need to flourish throughout life. Tools for Life is the step-by-step program designed to build those skills. It’s activity-based, it’s fun, and it works. Through each stage of childhood, the program aims to equip children with life skills from listening and self-regulation to decision-making, problem-solving, compromise and collaboration. Learning empathy and resilience are cornerstones of the program. These attributes are essential to self-awareness and self-confidence, key strengths for handling peer conflict such as bullying and for reducing and managing trauma.

More and more, educators, legislators and advocates all recognize the need to address the well-being of the whole child, improve children’s social and communications skills, and work together to combat aggressive conduct such as bullying. Tools for Life is the proven tool to help do just that. And Tools for Life classrooms are leading the charge.

Why Tools for Life?

  • Children have fun and quickly master the foundational skills for character development, anti-bullying, conflict resolution, peacemaking and restorative justice.
  • Everyone enjoys more productive, inclusive learning environments.
  • Teachers spend less time in classroom management and experience increased job satisfaction.
  • Parents feel more competent and confident as role models of exemplary communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Communication between schools and families and all family members improves.

Why do children like Tools for Life so much?

In a word, wellness. Children learn, through strategies such as breathing, positive thinking, or exercise, that they can influence how well they feel and how they cope. They can choose how to manage their emotions. Self-regulation is actually empowering! What’s more, they can learn to read signals and be responsive to others, and make difficult situations safer and better for themselves. Since Tools for Life progresses step-by-step, the children start early with play-based basics and build their skills at exactly the right pace. And just like any learned ability, from skiing to debating, as their skill level climbs higher, so do their enjoyment and commitment. In fact, soon they are coaching each other.

Tools for Life in Action

Each Tools for Life module is packaged as a comprehensive kit, organized in a sturdy, compact box that’s easy to store and keeps everything at hand. Kits comprise the relevant teacher manual, along with a wide variety of resources – from bingo games to feelings wheels – making every learning experience age-appropriate, interactive and engaging. To find out more about purchasing the training and kit, click here.

Tools for Life. And Tools for Life® HomeSTART.

Relationship-building solutions for a modern world.