Child Care and Kindergarten

Even the youngest school children, from just three years of age, can begin to develop life skills using Tools for Life resources. The Tools for Life Early Learning Kit for Ages 3 to 5 includes an extensive teaching manual offering emergent learning lessons for Child Care and inquiry-led, play-based Skills for Full Day Kindergarten.  The Kit also contains a variety of posters and a collection of classroom resources that enhance the learning experience.

Children learn to utilize a variety of strategies that support a progressive development of self-regulation, confidence and resilience.  Children learn how to be good listeners, how to make friends using kind words, how to identify their own feelings and respect those of others. They begin to problem solve effectively.

The Tools For Life Early Learning Kit for children ages 3 to 5, now designed for use in Full Day Kindergarten as well as Child Care, enables you to:

  • develop inclusive, cooperative learning environments
  • build positive relationships with and amongst the children
  • engage your children in inquiry-led, experiential learning
  • enhance your communication with families
  • facilitate the transition of your children into Kindergarten and Grade One
  • enjoy increased job satisfaction and less stress.

Tools for Life is Flexible – Not Prescriptive

New Full Day Kindergarten Resource:

The new teaching manual that is now offered with the Tools for Life Early Learning Kit is linked to recent 2016 Ministry of Education guidelines.

Content development partners included:

  • Upper Grand District School Board,
  • Wellington Catholic District School Board,
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Waterloo Wellington Dufferin), and
  • County of Wellington Child Care Services.

If your school or child care facility would like an opportunity to discuss this new resource, or any of our other programs through to Grade 8, please email us at:

Image kindly provided by Wellington Catholic DSB


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