By Linda Stearns

A young girl wrote a letter to one of my coworkers that we wanted to share.  As Early Intervention consultants, we have the privilege to interact with many, many children and often they touch our lives and hearts too!  Here is what she wrote….

Dear Ms. Brown,

If you feel down and sad, please just stop and say:

Your life is a painting, some days you may lose your colours.

Don’t worry, you’ll find it again some day.

Paint a rainbow.

It’s your life, so live it the way you want.

So give it a try.  Tell me if it works.

Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting this young girl, she appears thoughtful, creative and mature beyond her years.  I wonder what everyone’s lives would be like if we were able to accept all our feelings in every moment, and hold those optimistic beliefs that creates resiliency and hope for the future, always.