Another Halloween has come and gone. As my children have flown the nest and are handing out their own candy to their trick or treaters, Halloween does not hold the same significance for me as it once did. We still purchase the candy, turn on all the outside lights and enjoy the children in their costumes, marveling at the many thank yous and well wishes we receive for a pleasant night . We were pleasantly surprised this year when a young girl, perhaps 10 years old, told us she did not want any candy. She was collecting food for the food bank! Perhaps I have had my head in the clouds, but I was totally unaware that some children collect food for the food bank instead of the traditional candy. The next day, I read an article in the K-W record sharing that targets had not been met in the October food drive, but there was optimism that it might yet be reached with all the children collecting Halloween evening. I would like to commend all the children who took up the cause for the Food Banks, thinking of others instead of their own ‘need’ for candy, and to the parents who encouraged, challenged and inspired their children to help others (like the mom at my house who was pulling the wagon). WELL DONE!done”!