In Tools for Life®, we often assist children to identify how they are feeling by sharing how big or small that feeling is, or by using visuals to concretely demonstrate how those uncomfortable feelings grow.  In the small groups that Early Identification Consultants facilitate within the primary grades of our schools in the Region of Waterloo, we have often used pictures of thermometers to draw in, often with the colour red, how big our feelings were when something happened.Many children need and enjoy the ability to communicate their feelings in ways other than words.  We recognize that children who are experiencing strong emotions often cannot verbalize the problem or their needs, so in the past, we have come up with many creative ways to assist children in this process and look another idea!……Technology to the rescue!


iTunes – FeelingOmeter App – click here

I see children everyday with their parents out and about in the community using smart phones and tablets.  I saw a toddler last week playing a game on a tablet – made me feel old!   Wouldn’t it be great to help children calm down and communicate how they are feeling by using this app?  Wish I had developed it?  You bet!  Check it out, what a great starter for communicating and leading us into conversations about problems, fairness, equity and social responsibility with our children and the children we work with.