We have been overwhelmed, in my opinion, with the media encouraging us to ensure our children are physically active.  Our federal government provides a tax break for families that enroll their children in sports activities.  Yes, we need to ensure that each child’s basic needs are being met, nutritious food, adequate shelter, sleep, a healthy living environment, exercise but what about our children’s needs for Good Mental Health?  With Children’s Mental Health week quickly approaching, what if we all stopped and thought about what a child needs for basic good mental health?  What would that list look like?  Perhaps some of the list might include……unconditional love, supportive adults in their life, self-confidence, positive self-esteem, positive behavioural guidance, the opportunity to play and socialize with others their age. Could we use some coaching through the media to teach parents about the importance of children’s mental health, normalize it and coach families where to reach out for assistance when needed?  What about short video clips of children identifying and expressing their feelings?  How about teaching parents how to model and teach resilience in their children by developing confidence through mistakes or challenges?  My favourite mantra is “you don’t know what you don’t know!”  What if Children’s Mental Health got the same kind of media attention as children’s need for physical activity?  I wonder what our world would be like. I wonder if parents would discover what they don’t know?