“Dream Big, Dream Bigger” a quote overheard early in the formation of Stewart Avenue’s Parent Council Meeting!   Last school year, Stewart Avenue Public School had a parent council of 3. This year 8 or 10 parents gathered in the fall to create a working parent council. Over time, more parents came out and everyone was encouraged to” invite a friend to join us.” Their goals were big, they were uncertain how fundraising would be received in their school, and they wanted all students to benefit from a new playground now, not in 5 years, but now! They were invested in making fundraising work and having the students’ efforts come to life in the form of a new playground, by fall of 2012!

Through various fundraisers, my two favourite being “Looney Christmas Shopping” for the students and “World’s Finest Chocolate” sale of chocolate covered almond, they increased their bank balance to $29,000 for their much anticipated playground. To include the students in the choosing of the playground design, the parent council narrowed the design down to 2 choices and then the students voted on their choice! In addition to their amazing team work and fundraising efforts, they hosted a carnival style garage sale to benefit a student who is undergoing cancer treatment….$9,000 in half a day is the claim!!! ( I know there were some hours unaccounted for).

Check out the article from Friday’s Waterloo Region Record that focuses on the disparity in school fundraising in our province.

Disparity or not …..Well Done, Stewart Ave. Parents, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your children in my role of Early Intervention Consultant!   See Record Article here.