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“Tools for Life has supported the way in which we, as educators, promote social and emotional learning, in our classroom. As we moved through each lesson, we recognized that many of the strategies, we are already doing. However, the lessons extended our thoughts and provided tips and Tools to enhance and extend our support. We […]

Posted November 9, 2017 by

Tools for Life is pleased to announce publication of the 2017 Early Learning teaching manual offering emergent learning for Child Care, and inquiry-led, play-based Skills for Full Day Kindergarten. The FDK section of the teaching manual aligns with 2016 Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines regarding play-based learning. This FDK section was completed in collaboration with […]

Tools for Life - Social Emotional Learning Program
Posted August 19, 2015 by

Today’s children are taught reading, writing and math before they start kindergarten with an emphasis on the earlier the better. We are so concerned with the intellectual development of our children that we barely touch on their social and emotional development; which is really odd considering that we human beings are affected by emotions in […]

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May 5, 2015:  Great hearing from everyone!  Your feedback is appreciated. We are pleased when our clients take the time to provide insights as to how they are using the Tools for Life resource. From a Special Education Resource teacher – “The “Tools for Life Program” has and continues to be a valuable program for […]

Posted April 30, 2015 by

  Thanks to the generosity and local community spirit of a private corporation, Metro Label, and working with Community Liaison Officers from Toronto Police Services – Division 42, a group of schools in the Scarborough area of Toronto will now be using Tools for Life® Resources in their Early Learning classrooms.  Tools for Life is […]

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Jan. 27, 2015: Outstanding Principal of the Year Ms. Flora Nordoff, St. Matthew Catholic Elementary, Hamilton, Ontario Tools for Life wishes to congratulate Ms. Flora Nordoff on being named by The Learning Partnership as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals. Ms. Nordoff has been a leader in integrating Tools for Life programs in her school. Ms. […]

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Arrow Tracks   Tools for Life Posted by Dr. Phil Burchfield at 8/25/2014 Often when children are in kindergarten or first grade, they don’t know how to recognize or express their emotions if they’re frustrated or upset. When this spills over into the classroom it can cause discipline issues. But by using a teaching method […]

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“The Ministry of Education has declared that students with ADHD/ADD and other neurological disorders that may impede or affect learning, are now entitled to specialized support and education at school. Ontario has been one of the few provinces in Canada lagging behind in the recognition of ADHD/ADD as requiring additional support.”

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According to Moises Roman from UCLA Early Care and Education, “a teachable moment is a learning opportunity for a child to acquire new information, values, morals, a new behavior or a new skill, or a new way of expressing and coping with an emotion.” (

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I enjoy taking a teachable moment when the opportunity presents itself, as it did in a small group of grade 3 students last week. A young man was standing with his arms crossed across his chest. I asked him what it meant when someone crosses his arms in front of his body like he was. […]

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