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“The Convention on the Rights of the Child as a whole, suggests the creation of schools which are child-friendly and in which children are encouraged to be curious, to argue, to challenge, to be creative, to explore and find out, to be listened to and to be respected.”  Check out this article  (Can you hear me? The […]

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My Favourite Tool in Tools for Life Relationship-building Solutions Tool Box! The Problem Solving Key Chain is the greatest to facilitate on the spot teachable moments. Children’s problems don’t just happen when they are in their classroom or in the kitchen at home where the relationship centers are. They happen as you are going out […]

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How well do we really know our students? Are we aware of family dynamics and personal experiences that can add to or distract from a child’s ability to learn? More importantly, are we able to understand how a child feels based on their perception of the situation? Children that have experienced trauma may exhibit unfavourable […]

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